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Facial & Skin Treatments

At Cosmetic Elegance, we believe that all skin is unique and has different needs. Unlike other skin clinics, we ensure that each treatment is tailored to target your skin concerns. We educate you in the intricate process, and are aware of some of the sensitive issues that come with problematic skin, including emotional effects.

We highly recommend our medically based skin treatments for a wide variety of needs; including mild to extreme acne cases and other skin conditions. Or, we can brighten your skin up and give your face the treatment it deserves.

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Menu of Services

Dermasound Facial Treatment 90 minutes
If you’re looking for a gentle but thorough cleansing, exfoliating facial then Dermasound is the one for you. Using water and low-frequency Ultrasonic Cavitation Technology, Dermasound gently exfoliates 25% to 50% of the skin’s top layer assisting in minimising the effects of sun damaged skin and the appearance of fine lines. The Dermasound facial is especially effective for sensitive skin, active acne and rosacea.
The superior gentle cleansing action combined with excellent infusing properties sets the Dermasound treatment in a league of its own. It is by far the most popular facial treatment we provide as it gives the desired results and you will leave our Clinic with skin that feels and looks great.

Signature Facial 60 minutes
Feel you deserve some real pampering? Our 60-minute signature facial is the ultimate in relaxation for you whilst your skin is cleansed, exfoliated and hydrated. This treatment also includes a 20 minute neck and shoulder massage.


Deluxe Facial 75 minutes
The deluxe facial is a step up from the Signature Facial. It includes a fruit acid peel designed to bring the blood to the surface to oxygenate the skin and absorb the active ingredients. This treatment is tailored to your needs.


Facial Peels
These can be stand-alone or combined with other facial treatments.

Glycolic & Lactic Peels [AHA] – includes cleansing, extraction and post treatment product application.

Salicylic Peels [BHA] – includes cleansing, extraction and post treatment product application.

Jessner Peels [Lactic & Salicylic Acids & Resorcinol] – includes cleansing, extraction and post treatment product application.

TCA Peels – includes cleansing and post treatment product application.

Microhydrabrasion 90 minutes
This advanced treatment is a system that uses a diamond tip to exfoliate the skin and vacuumed water to cleanse away the debris. The dual action stimulates the skin, encourages better circulation in the area treated and improves natural healing. This combination creates an effective treatment leaving you looking younger and feeling fresher.

Dermastamp Treatment 60 minutes
The Dermastamp uses skin needling to break down old scar tissue and stimulate skin cells. This results in the formation of new tissue layers, elastin and collagen fibres as well as new capillaries for an improved blood supply. The Dermastamp aids in restoring the integrity of the dermis and in turn improves skin texture and reduces wrinkles.

Acne Treatments
Not all acne is the same and for that reason there is no one treatment that will work for everyone. Treatment will need to be tailored to suit your particular needs. We look at the whole person and are conscious of the psychological effect acne does have on young lives. A treatment program can include: Skincare, Dermasound, Microdermabrasion, IPL, Light Therapy, Copper Bromide Laser Treatment, Dietary Advice and Medication.


Hands & Feet
Express Manicure 45 minutes 
Nail shape, cuticle care, moisturise & polish

Deluxe Manicure 60 minutes
Nail shape, cuticle care, exfoliate, mask with massage & polish

Express Pedicure 45 minutes
Foot soak, nail clip, cuticle care, buff dry skin, moisturise & polish

Deluxe Pedicure 75 minutes
Deluxe footbath, nail clip, cuticle care, exfoliate, removal of rough dry skin, foot mask, massage & polish

Shellac Gel overlay additional 15 minutes

Nail tidy & Shellac repaint 60 minutes

Cut, file & polish

Paraffin treatment additional 15 minutes

Paint only 

We can also adapt our pedicures to suit diabetics, please enquire.

Eye Treatments
Eyebrow sculpture
Eyelash tint
Eyebrow tint
Eye Package – eyebrow sculpture, brow tint & lash tint


Ladies Waxing & Sugaring
Eyebrow sculpture 
Upper lip 
Chin from 
Chin & upper neck from 
Full face – excluding brow sculpture 
Full face – including top lip & brow sculpture 
Upper lip bleach 


Full leg 
Three quarter leg 
Lower leg 
Upper leg 
Full leg & bikini – panty line 
Upper leg & bikini – panty line 


Bikini & Brazilian
Bikini - panty line from 
Bikini - g-string from 
Brazilian wax from 
Stomach, including naval line from 


Full arm 
Half/ three quarter arms 


Men's Waxing & Sugaring
Back, Shoulders & Chest, Arms & Legs
Full back, including neck
Half back 
Full chest 
Half chest 
Full leg 
Full arm 


Middle eyebrows 
Ears or nose 
Upper face excluding brow
Upper face including brow
Beard area

Body Treatments
Ladies & Men’s Massage
Using varying amounts of pressure and combined techniques designed to relax the whole body, loosen tight muscles and relieve stress from tired, aching muscles.

Swedish Relaxation Therapy
Full body massage. 60 minutes
Tension Tamer - scalp, neck, shoulders & back. 45 minutes
Half body massage – back, neck & shoulders. 30 minutes


Special occasion pure mineral make-up
Trial & make-up package


Laser/ IPL Hair Removal
Using Laser / IPL treatments we can eliminate unwanted hair from all parts of the body over a series of easy treatments. Our methods are safe, fast and suited to most hair types. Both men and women can enjoy the benefit of this simple non-invasive treatment. We can set you free from unwanted hair!

(Permanent Hair Removal) Multiple treatments required.
Charge time based.
15 minutes 
20 minutes
30 minutes & over

Cosmetic Treatments


Anti-wrinkle Injections

Dermal Fillers

CoolSculpting - Body contouring

MonaLisa Touch Laser Treatment - Vaginal rejuvenation

Fraxel Laser – Acne scarring, skin resurfacing & rejuvenation

Laser / IPL – Photorejuvenation, facial veins, acne treatment, hair removal
Leg Vein Treatments – Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy & leg vein injections
Laser Tattoo Removal


See our Cosmetic Brochure for more details.


Skin Cancer Clinic

Skin checks & treatment, surgery & Photodynamic Therapy

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Please enquire about prices and if you have any questions, please contact us on 4638 2700

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