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Acne Treatments

Acne doesn’t appear in a day and we can’t treat it in a day, but we can work together and get it right!

Did you know that good skin is rarely the result of good luck!  Most people experience acne in varying degrees at some point in their life.  It is often addressed with over-washing and incorrect topical applications that irritate the skin.  The relationship we have with our skin is something we all have to work at and through constant care and good habits over the long term you WILL be rewarded.

There are a number of factors that contribute to the development of acne. Some of them are—genetic, hormonal , environmental and dietary factors.   Not all acne is the same and not all skin is the same, so there is no one treatment that will work for everyone. Cosmetic Elegance Clinic tailors treatments to suit each individual based on the type of acne, age group and lifestyle. We look at the whole person and are especially conscious of the psychological effect acne has on young lives. Our treatment plans feature the very latest in scientific technology including: Dermasound facial treatments, Microhydrabrasion, IPL light therapy, Copper Bromide Laser treatment, Medication and Dietary Advice.

We can also treat scarring and other concerns that are the result of acne.

Treating active acne 
There are three components to achieving the desired result:

  • the treatment performed by your consultant,

  • the prescription of skin care given to you, and

  • compliance with your home skin care routine and dietary advice, which will be given by your skin care consultant.


To get the best out of your treatment, you will need to commit to the program recommended by your Skin Care Consultant, and realise that its success will be based on a good partnership between the both of you.  Please also understand that treatment of this condition can change over the course of time, but will most likely be an ongoing process which needs to become a way of life for you.

We have a few ranges of medical grade skin care products which have received many esteemed awards in the field of professional skin care.  These products deliver results for even the most challenging and problematic skin conditions. More on our products>

Cosmetic Elegance Clinic has a high success rate in treating acne and it is always a pleasure to see the self-esteem and confidence of our clients being restored.

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