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Dermasound Facial Treatment

If you’re looking for a gentle but thorough cleansing, exfoliating and intense hydration facial treatment, then the Dermasound Facial Treatment is the one for you.  

This is the Clinic’s premium facial treatment. It’s a great way for us to get to know you and your skin.

Using water and low-frequency Ultrasonic Cavitation Technology, dermasound gently exfoliates 25% to 50% of the skin’s top layers, assisting in minimising the effects of sun damaged skin and the appearance of fine lines. The dermasound facial is especially good for sensitive skin, active acne and rosacea.  

The superior gentle cleansing action combined with excellent infusing properties sets the dermasound treatment in a league of its own.  It is by far the most popular facial treatment we provide as it gives the desired results and you will leave our Clinic with skin that feels and looks great. 

Dermasound is effective for active acne as during the treatment it creates an anti-bacterial field and therefore it does not spread bacteria.
Combining the dermasound facial with a personalized prescription of Glymed products will ensure that your skin has the best opportunity to heal, rejuvenate and glow.

If you have any concerns with the integrity of your skin, or would simply like to ensure that your skin is maintained at its healthiest, don’t delay in calling Cosmetic Elegance Clinic to arrange an appointment with one of our experienced Skin Care Consultants - 07 4638 2700.

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