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Body Sugaring & Waxing

At Cosmetic Elegance Clinic you can be assured of the very best body sugaring & waxing treatments.  

Our experienced staff are trained to give you a professional, quick and comfortable treatment. They will also provide information about all aspects of pre-treatment and aftercare to ensure the best results.


  • Eyebrow sculptures & tinting

  • Facial waxing

  • Underarms

  • Arms

  • Legs

  • Bikinis

  • Brazilians

Body Sugaring vs Waxing
A few of our clients have tried Sugaring recently and this is what they had to say:-
- “The whole experience was so much more comfortable than waxing and there were no sticky bits left behind!”
- “I was a daily shaver and have not had to shave for over a week now. It was definitely not as painful as waxing, I have had no reaction to the treatment and my skin feels lovely and smooth.”
- “I had my secret bits done and, having previously experienced waxing, I was pleasantly surprised as it was so much more comfortable, both during and after the treatment.”
- “I usually get folliculitis post waxing, however, I have had no occurrence after the Sugaring treatment. It’s a winner with me!”

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